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I'm a digital strategist and hands-on web solutions designer with senior level skills in the areas of: UX/UI/IA, web architectures, web business models, rapid prototyping, complex full-stack requirements analysis, responsive/mobile GUI and testing of web applications and online digital services.

When not designing stuff, I'm a start-up and enterprise software consultant... and I always find time to build, integrate, install and deploy business software on LAMP stacks with virtual cloud hosts or in-house servers. Industry sectors: media, publishing, collaboration, eLearning, marketing systems, decision support, CMS, CRM, ERP, e-commerce, etc.)

Please see for my writing and knowledge leadership portfolio.

Hands-on skills and experience

Web development

  • Web site and web app design, test and refine.
    Plan, integrate, deploy, patch and maintain back-end apps, servers, databases...
  • - HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Jekyll / Hyde site generation
    - LAMP, Amazon AWS, GAE, Github, Rackspace, Linode
    - Apache, Nginx, virtual hosting, virtual machines
    - CSS frameworks, bootstrap, blueprint, less, sass
    - Manage PHP, Python, Ruby projects
    - Manage ASP.NET MVC and Java J2EE projects
    - Multi-browser, multi-device testing: chrome,
      firefox, opera, IE, safari, IOS, iPad, android, etc.

UI / UX prototyping

  • I build clickable screen prototypes for high-touch apps and interactive sites with
    hand coding, UI modeling tools ( e.g., Axure) and graphics software...
  • - In-browser rapid prototyping: HTML/CSS/JS, UXpin, Axure
    - Responsive design and web control customization
    - Content and transaction application modeling and refinement
    - Multi-browser testing - VMware test sandboxes, Browsershots, BrowserStack, etc.
    - Requirements modeling: LucidChart, Gliffy, Visio, Mindjet, etc
    - cMap and yED semantic modeling

Content and visual design

  • I produce content, graphics and multimedia for web apps, web sites, live stream and marcom events...
  • - Content strategy, taxonomies and IA
    - Writing, editing, content research, content management
    - Senior-level editorial track record: B2B, B2C and academic publishing
    - Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, ImageReady
    - Interactive HTML UI animation
    - Prezi, Powerpoint
    - Balsamiq, LucidChart

  • Video, audio, animation
  • - Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro
    - LiveStreaming to YouTube, Twitch and private networks
    - Camtasia, Techsmith, Captivate, Articulate
    - HTML5 video / audio transcoding
    - Protools and audio editing suites
    - eLearning content production


  • I use mobile devices for dev workflows and all my sites and apps have a mobile dimension. In some "mobile first" use cases, responsive design and mobile apps are the initial development goal...
  • - Design of touch-and-swipe IOS, Android, iPad, Blackberry, WinPhone
    - Responsive mobile-first layouts and CSS breakpoints
    - Mobile server design ( e.g., Twillio messaging server)
    - jQuery and other mobile frameworks and libraries
    - Mobile form factor simulators and testers
    - Mobile site and app hosting
    - Mobile / social apps and widgets

Integration and cloud mash-ups

  • I manage complex integration and development projects that span different platforms, applications and data centers, at all layers of the technology stack...

  • - XML Soap, AJAX, REST, WebHooks
    - Single Sign-on: oAuth, SAML, Onelogin, Okta, Janrain
    - Cloud Connectors: IFTTT, Zapier, SnapLogic, JitterBit
    - Scribe and data translation
    - RPC, JSON, Thrift, Protocol Buffers
    - Active Directory, LDAP, Enterprise Identity Management
    - Opensource / Opencore: GPL Affero , Berkeley, MIT Licensing

Agile project and product management

  • I use cloud based project tools and planning methods that help project stakeholders (engineers, executives, finance, operations, knowledge workers) get on the same page and get work done...
  • - Lean UX and Top Task usability methodology (G. McGovern)
    - Kanban, AgileZen, Trello
    - SmartSheet, LucidCharts, Google Apps
    - LiquidPlanner, Huddle, BaseCamp, Campfire
    - Unfuddle (SVN), GitHub, Jira
    - WorkZone, CentralDesktop, Intervals

I enjoy working with deep specialists in all the various software development
and deployment domains (using their native languages and concept frameworks).

  Video walk-throughs of my UX/GUI/IA work.

  Info site for my virtual community projects and best practices.

Linked-In Skills Profile

GUI Prototypes and Interaction Design

GUI, HTML, CSS, JS and backend for Johns Hopkins informatics project to support health workers in the field:

Touch-and-swipe prototype tablet app for procedure automation in a large power generation plant:

Responsive testbed: Hyde/Python static generation, Jinja2 templates, YAML (config/metadata), Bootstrap3/LESS:

The above production site started as the clickable wireframe client pitch shown below:

Workflow software with social media integration for hospitals. This prototype was front-end design input
for Symfony MVC development effort:

Axure prototype design for a data-driven suite of business intelligence analysis and visualization tools for the trucking industry.

Initial draft design for transactional supply chain application with knowledge sharing aspects:

Maps and graphic infographics can be incorporated into clickable wireframes:

A feed driven marketing intelligence site - proof of concept prototype:

Rapid prototypes can include embeds of previously built screen elements:

A UI prototype of a social media reporting dashboard for professional football players:

Feed-driven alert site consolidates security intelligence from a wide variety of humans and systems:

A virtual workgroup site gives team members shared files, feeds, project tools and social media resources:

My LivingPapers content socialization app won an award from a panel of senior VC executives ( low res, Axure) :

Rapid UI prototyping: Accelerated ideation, consensus building and powerful client demoware:

Video Walk-throughs: Interactive design and development examples

User-centered solution design (lessons from the trenches)

When designing features for web apps, web sites and products... end users will be lost if there isn't new meaning ( usage guidance and metaphors) provided with the new features.

User-centered design studies user behaviors and needs, so that product features can be wrapped in interactive meaning that makes the user experience a good one.

  • Designs based on agile requirements analysis and user ethnography research
  • Rapid prototyping with wireframes and interactive models
  • Javascript / jQuery widgets and info-gadgets for high-touch GUIs
  • Debugging ajax based web applications
  • GUI simulation sandbox and test rig
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