Steve King - Software design portfolio

I'm a hands-on web solutions designer with senior level skills in the areas of: UX/UI/IA, content creation, web architectures, web business models, rapid prototyping, HTML/JS/CSS/jQuery and cross-device testing of browser and mobile apps and digital services.

Please see for my writing and knowledge leadership portfolio.

Hands-on skills and experience

UX Design and Research

  • I enjoy working across the entire spectrum of UX from business goals
    to user research to conceptual and detailed design and testing.
  • - User research: ethnography, mental models, journeys, affinity, empathy, task analysis
    - In-browser rapid prototyping: HTML/CSS/JS, UXpin, Axure, InVision
    - Usability testing: Remote moderated and unmoderated; UX lab studies and field work
    - Information Architecture: site maps, taxonomies, controlled vocabularies and data schema
    - Streaming/recording video: in-store, in-home or lab-based usability research
    - Touch UI: interaction design for mobile and tablet apps

Web development

  • Web site and web app design, test and refine.
    Plan, integrate, deploy, patch and maintain back-end apps, servers, databases...
  • - HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Jekyll / Hyde site generation
    - LAMP, Amazon AWS, GAE, Github, Rackspace, Linode
    - Apache, Nginx, virtual hosting, virtual machines
    - CSS frameworks, bootstrap, blueprint, less, sass
    - Manage PHP, Python, Ruby projects
    - Manage ASP.NET MVC and Java J2EE projects
    - Multi-browser, multi-device testing: chrome,
      Firefox, opera, IE, safari, IOS, iPad, android, etc.

Content and visual design

  • I produce content, graphics and multimedia for web apps, web sites, live stream and marcom events...
  • - Content strategy, taxonomies and IA
    - Writing, editing, content research, content management
    - Senior-level editorial track record: B2B, B2C and academic publishing
    - eLearning content production
    - Prezi, Powerpoint
    - Balsamiq, LucidChart

  • Graphics, video, audio, animation
  • - Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, ImageReady
    - Interactive HTML animations
    - Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Camtasia
    - LiveStreaming to YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPLayer and CDN networks
    - Camtasia, Techsmith, Captivate, Articulate
    - HTML5 video / audio transcoding
    - Protools and audio editing suites


  • I use mobile devices for dev workflows and all my sites and apps have a mobile dimension. In some "mobile first" use cases, responsive design and mobile apps are the initial development goal...
  • - Design of touch-and-swipe apps: IOS, Android, iPad, embedded tablets
    - Usability testing for mobile and touch apps
    - Responsive mobile-first layouts and CSS breakpoints
    - Mobile server design ( e.g., Twillio messaging server)
    - jQuery and other mobile frameworks and libraries
    - Mobile form factor simulators and testers
    - Mobile site and app hosting
    - Mobile / social apps and widgets

Online Communities and Knowledge Exchanges

  • I build online communities and virtual team portals for customer support, interest groups, organizational learning, project support and a wide range of shared problem solving applications...

  • - Knowledge Exchanges based on successful StackOverflow model
    - Community platforms that scale from 10 - 100,000+ users
    - Social media integration: inbound and outbound
    - Content integration: video, audio, files, PDF, images and RSS feeds
    - Reduced moderation requirements due to self policing, self-organizing
      rules and algorithms
    - Single sign-on with OAuth, Google, Facebook, Active Directory, LDAP
      and Enterprise Identity Management
    - Advanced user tracking, analytics, reporting and visualization of
      community behaviors and usage trends

My online community platform management experience includes: StackExchange, Sharepoint, Jive, Lithium, WordPress, Huddle, Joomla, Yahoo/Google Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Facebook Groups, UseNet and many other open and proprietary platforms and services.

Agile project and product management

  • I use cloud based project tools and planning methods that help project stakeholders (engineers, executives, finance, operations, knowledge workers) get on the same page and get work done...
  • - Lean UX and Top Task usability methodology (G. McGovern)
    - Kanban, AgileZen, Trello
    - SmartSheet, LucidCharts, Google Apps
    - LiquidPlanner, Huddle, BaseCamp, Campfire
    - Unfuddle (SVN), GitHub, Jira
    - WorkZone, CentralDesktop, Intervals

I enjoy working with deep specialists in all the various software development
and deployment domains (using their native languages and concept frameworks).

My GUI Prototypes, IA and Interaction Design

UX research, design and testing best practices organized in a circular workflow.

Bootstrap responsive design in Sublime3 with instant push to server and multi-browser compatibility testing on IOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

GUI prototyping and complex business logic with repeaters and global state variables for multi-carrier shipping application

GUI prototyping for tablet and embedded systems, including extensive usability testing for touch interfaces.

Support site with content system and discussion forums for women with diabetes - joint project with Johns Hopkins, University of North Carolina and other healthcare orgs.

Content system with large document library and tag cloud taxonomy. I did initial prototyping and HTML, CSS, JS and backend for this Johns Hopkins informatics project to support health workers in the field:

Touch-and-swipe prototype tablet app for procedure automation in a large power generation plant:

Responsive testbed: Hyde/Python static generation, Jinja2 templates, YAML (config/metadata), Bootstrap3/LESS:

The above production site started as the clickable wireframe client pitch shown below:

Med-res prototype: Workflow software with social media integration for hospitals. This prototype was front-end design input for Symfony MVC development effort:

Initial lo-res Axure prototype design for a data-driven suite of business intelligence analysis and visualization tools for the trucking industry.

Initial lo-res functional design for map and infographics based logistics app

A feed driven marketing intelligence site - proof of concept prototype:

I add javascript event handlers to prototypes and beta software to push user interaction tracking into Google Analytics and other tracking / reporting repositories:

I use tracking and reporting tools for moderated and unmoderated usability testing:

  Video walk-throughs of web widgets and dev tools.

  Info site for my virtual community projects and best practices.

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